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Producing Customer Happiness The Job to Do for Brand Innovation

David W. Norton , David W. Norton , Jeffrey F. Durgee , Jeffrey VanDeVelde

Consumers don?t desire to be satisfied. They want to be happy. And here?s the rub: for all of the millions of dollars that are spent on customer satisfaction initiatives; for all of the new tools like
Net Promoter, designed to measure the impact of customer satisfaction; and for all of the brand
innovations companies have created over decades, consumers are no more happier today than the were
fifty years ago. It’s possible to produce customer happiness, not just mere satisfaction. But to get the job
done, companies need to bring to market solutions that actually increase both the feelings and the
meaning that customers ascribe to being happy. When a company decides to commit itself to producing
durable happiness, their innovations last longer, their brands deliver, and they create lasting loyalty. We
provide principles for designing brand experiences to facilitate increased happiness by focusing on the
jobs to get done, the four customer “dispositions” toward happiness, and the key moments that will
have the greatest impact over a longer time period.

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