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Crafting Connections Between Emotions and Materiality

Mäkelä Maarit

This paper aims to discuss the idea of craft as a vehicle for processing and expressing emotions through the hands. The task will be approached by introducing the project Power of Everyday Life, which includes an exhibition as well as the creative processes of the ten participating artists. We propose that both the process of crafting and the artefacts produced are connected strongly to the meanings of touching and feeling. This in turn is both consciously and subconsciously connected to emotions. Craft can be called ?thinking through one?s hands? as it involves both intellectual and physical action often built up by repetitious movement and time consuming labour. Both our intellectual and physical activities unintentionally provoke our emotions. In the process of making, intimate emotions can also be provoked consciously by dissembling them into physical processes that remind the body and mind of the emotions experienced. We conclude the paper by bringing out the value of tactility and its connection to intimacy as well as by pointing out the appearance of emotion in the bodily experience of crafting.

craft, art, Exhibition, emotion, Tactility