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Design Briefing for Emotions & Meaning

Soren Ingomar Petersen

Industrial Design that incorporates meaning and emotions is becoming an important strategic differentiator in offerings. Integrating these elements in the synthesis of concepts requires the upfront inclusion of these elements in the design briefing. The approach developed here is inspired by findings from psychiatry and branding. Applying Design Quantification, a matrix is constructed for systematic inclusion of meaning and emotion in the content of the design briefing. To avoid exceeding designers? cognitive abilities to synthesize concepts, an appropriate balance for inclusion of these elements is examined. An estimate of appropriate content of meaning and emotions is accomplished though auditing state-of-the-art proposals for integration opportunities. Applying Design Quantification, engineering and industrial design focused proposals are analyzed, revealing important inclusion of and co-dependencies between traditional Design Quality Criteria. The results become recommended guidelines for balancing the content in a design briefing, thereby, effectively supporting the integration of meaning and emotion in offerings.

Design brief, design proposal, design for meaning, Design for emotions, evidence-based management, Design Quantification, Design Quality Criteria