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Exploring the Human Computer Interactive Design--- Interactive Billboard

Ju-Yuan Chen , Carol Liao

The messages of advertisement are ubiquitous, its images and words are like air that filled in every corner of our living environment. Advertisement and our living are interrelated, because the culture and features of one nation can be understood by the presentation of advertisement. The visual effect of advertisement is presented in various ways. Due to the impact of Digital Technology, the concept of interactive design and multi-creativity, the visual arts in advertisement billboard will be creating much more surprising possibilities.

Unidirectional advertisement that tried to communicate message in persuasive manner is no long effective in these recent years and advertisement that develops two-way communication is what most needed at this point. As the era of digitalization is approaching, “interactive” technology is indispensable; however, the interactive advertisement in public occasions is still at its initial stage, there are merely a few successful cases. What kind of effect can be produced by Interactive billboard at public occasions? How is its content and message presented and communicated? These are the issues and questions that are worth exploring and studying.

The interactive feature that digital technology brings provide traditional billboard with distinctive “game” feature. It manipulates curiosity, which is a trait in human nature, and allows audience to have a deep understanding on product presented. From interactivity to game, it becomes the main element that enhances the efficacy of advertisement marketing. Currently, advertisement billboards in Taiwan are mainly printed in 2-dimension format, interactive billboard is rarely seen. When reviewed Taiwan traditional cases, most of them are considered as creation of interactive devices, and in foreign countries, gradually there is more interactive design used on the billboards. Therefore, the purpose of this research study is to explore and discuss the design and interactive modes of interactive billboard in advertisement; understand the process of designing interactive billboard; and evaluate the efficacy of interactive billboard.

interactive billboard, interactive design, human computer interactive design