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Logo Colours for Leading Companies in the UK and Japan

Li-Chen Ou , Wenwen Song , Yinqiu Yuan , M. Ronnier Luo , Fumi Ide , Tetsuya Sato

A survey of logo colours was conducted using UK’s FTSE-100 data from 1984 to 2007 and Japan’s Tokyo Stock Exchange Market data in 2005. The results show that blue, red, white and black are the most popular for both UK and Japanese logos. Nevertheless, a number of colours show different preferences in the two countries. For instance, although white was popular (19%) for the commercial sector “Oil & Gas” in the UK, it was never used as a logo colour in Japan for this sector. A visual assessment was conducted to investigate whether there was any links between logo colour and commercial sector. The experimental results show that the colours that people might think of in association with specific commercial sectors may differ from the colours actually used in existing company logos.

logo, colour, cross-cultural study