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Measuring Emotion and Attention by Analyzing Eye Properties

Jakob de Lemos

One important methodological problem in the study of emotion and attention within market research is the absence of fast, reliable, easy-to-use tools, which adds additional insight, is applicable on large sample sizes and practically possible to integrate into the methods used today. This paper introduces a new way of measuring emotional impact from advertisement and product design by analyzing subconscious reactions within the eyes. The technology is integrated in the analysis software Emotion Tool™, a diagnostic tool designed to measure immediate emotional responses on print advertisement, marketing material, design, packaging, magazine covers etc. The non-intrusive, non-verbal, psychophysiology measurement instrument measures the visual attention and emotional involvement to the advertisement and it determines if the emotion is of a pleasant or unpleasant character. Each emotional response is extracted from subtle dynamical psycho-physiological changes within the respondents’ eye via a camera based eye tracker.

Emotions, Emotional Response, emotion technology, non-intrusive physiological measurements, visual attention, eye tracking, arousal, Decision-making, behavior, consumer research, visual processing, Design Evaluation