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ENSURE: support for parents in managing their children's health

Sun Young Park , Hee Young Jeong , John Zimmerman

Parents find themselves experiencing breakdowns when attempting to record, retrieve, or transfer health related information for their children in the many different contexts where it is needed. While the activities of caring for their children take place in diverse locations, there is currently no appropriate tool for helping parents record, retrieve, and transfer the right medical information at the right time. We see in this situation an opportunity for ubiquitous computing technology to support parents’ management of their children’s health information. Based on our user research with dual-income families, we believe the ENSURE Healthcare System that automates the collection of children’s medical/health information in order to improve the communication between parents and healthcare providers will allow for better management of children’s health. The ENSURE system will help parents collect their children’s health information easily and provide it to their health care providers, facilitating their interactions.

Smart home, family, Health, human-centered design, control