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Supporting New Parents In Their Desire to Share Baby's Life

Sook Yeon Kim , John Zimmerman

"Look! Our baby is taking her first steps!" Parents with a newborn baby are enthusiastic about recording every “moment” of their baby's development: when they first roll over, the first words of babbling, the first steps, the first cold, the first solid food, etc. Recording with video is one of the best ways to capture the vivid moments of a baby's growth. Parents have a desire to document these moments so that they and the baby might reminisce in the future; in addition, they also want to share their baby’s amazing moment with family. The new parents’ parents and siblings also have a desire to see and get to know this new family member. This desire that parents have to share and the extended family’s wish to consume video moments supports the construction of family and creates a sense of togetherness for extended families, particularly those who live far apart. We see this desire as an opportunity for new products and services that help families embrace their newest members through electronic sharing.
We initiated a user-centered design project to investigate the opportunities to support the new parents and their sibling for better sharing and access to baby videos. To meet their desire of sharing baby videos, we have designed “BaVio” – a new video platform that integrated into the mobile, web and TV system providing better access to their baby videos at home and outdoors. A BaVio service provides reliable web space for parents to upload videos and distribute to the registered families. Also supporting TV system to watch and create comments especially for the new parents’ parents. This design solution will support them to enrich the emotional connection and togetherness with the newest members by convenient sharing, commenting and accessing to videos.

Baby Video, Video sharing, human-centered design