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The Dimensions of Users' Fun Experiences with Consumer Products

Nazli Cila , Çigdem Erbug

‘Fun experience’ is a component of user experience (UX) which has come to increased prominence in recent years. However, despite the research efforts, still there isn’t any comprehensively constituted framework in the literature to explain what fun actually is.
Therefore, this paper aims to reveal the dimensions of users’ fun experiences by conducting two empirical studies. The first study examines the product qualities that play a role in fun experiences. The results were found to be categorized under three subject headings: tangible qualities, pragmatic qualities and hedonic qualities. The second study investigates the emotional content of the fun experiences, whose results indicated that the emotions of happiness/joy, contentment, interest and amusement are elicited most intensely throughout the experience.
Studying the reasons behind the elicitation of these particular emotions revealed several funrelated product qualities, and also the high relevance of amusement and humor with users’ fun experiences.

fun, fun-related products, designing for fun