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The Room with a View (about itself)

Lau K. Grace

The paper presents a model that objects, activities and emotions are mapped against two major attributes of 'inspirational' and 'familiarity'. The model is used for studying into a number of hotels of different star-ratings selected from around the region. The result of the analysis expressed through an OAE index, helps to identify: What gives a space its value? The conclusion is that creating the right emotion is not so much about how stylish or contemporary the room is; it is more about whether we can create the corner that can evoke the relevant emotion and feeling. The author has developed a new theory - The Ochoko Theory that substantiates the hypothesis of that when the guest is offered to configure the room by selecting object(s) of his/her own choice, the room will end up with a refined attitude which can be interpreted as a view of that particular room of itself.

consumption emotions, Values, room, objects