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A Girl's Bra - A Girl's Pride

Sau-han Chow Akina , Wenling Xiao , Wing-Sun Liu

Central to the idea of postmodernism is the notion that people are consuming images (Baudrillard, 1998; Debord, 1977) in the market in the crafting of selves (Kondo, 1990; Thompson, 1990). It is envisioned that the sense of fragmented selves (Gergen, 1991) as characterized in the postmodern context is even more acute among youngsters. Of all of the items in a girl’s wardrobe, nothing is more important to her identity than her bras. This is a quasi-ethnographic (Fetterman, 1998; Hammersley and Atkinson, 1997) study to explore the symbolic meanings of bras among female adolescents in Hong Kong. There is a strong maternal influence in the very context of the bra; at the same time, the color black for a bra carries a strong connotation of sexiness. This item is full of visually implicit meanings, which are probably explicit to a girl as she is growing up.

bras, identity, post-modernism