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Clarify Interaction Between Emotion and Cognition Focus on Interface User

Lei Shi , Toshimasa Yamanaka

It is considered that emotion satisfies us and attracts us to use and love products, while cognition makes use to understand knowledgeably how to use products. In this study, we aimed studying the interaction between emotion and cognition focus on product interface user. Centered with a suggested model of interaction between cognition and emotion, we considered principally that cognitive processing was mainly performed when user operated on product. We devoted ways to investigate, the first, how emotion worked during and after operation; the second, whether emotion influenced cognition during operation, or the cognition influenced emotion. Two experimental case studies were planned according to the targets. In each case, users’ emotions were evaluated in two ways including EEG and subjective evaluation, while cognitions were observed through operation data.
In first case study, drivers’ comfortable feelings on curvilinear motion were observed by frontal lobe Alpha waves and subjective evaluation. In second case study, a program was developed to realize the mental-rotation in virtual environment in which the interface background color could be changed. We observed that if user’s emotions could be excited by color information and its interactions with cognitive operation.
The study indicates that emotion would be performed independently responding to information dynamically in the state that cognitive processing is mainly performed while using product. Sometimes emotional reactions show connections with cognition, even if it did not be reflected on operational behaviors or physiological indicators, it would be memorized implicitly, and aroused consciously by subjective evaluation after operation.

product interface, emotion, cognition