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Mementoys - A memory capturing and storytelling toy

Walid Hassanein , Rana el Kaliouby

This paper presents the notion of slow, long-term design to augment a toy's ability to capture and replay memories with its owner, and describes a framework for prototyping, implementing and testing this concept. Using a wide range of embedded sensors such as cameras and accelerometers, Mementoys capture information about when, where and how they are being used, as well as the state of the owner and then recount their stories many years later. We experiment with different materials, especially those with good patina such as leather and textiles, as they provide the best visual indication of age. Designing a toy for a much longer life span creates incredible opportunities for connecting pieces of one's life as well as connecting one's life within that of a generation.

Toys, Autobiographical memory, Children, Slow design