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The Evolution of Ergonomics into a Marketing Issue

Canan Akoglu

Ergonomics, which is an important part of design, extends across all aspects of human activity today. It constitutes a common field among the physical, cognitive, social, organizational and environmental factors. From this point of view, the relationship between emotion and design can be examined among cognitive issues for cognition is concerned with mental processes such as perception, memory and reasoning. These elements of cognitive science affect interactions among humans, between humans and products or environment.
Starting out from the point that emotion can be seen as the recent-popular stage of ergonomics -to understand the emergence of this new area of interest into product design- the evolution of ergonomics will be put forward firstly. Secondly, the current situation of ergonomics, in relation to emotion and design, will be examined in a critical scope.

emotion, ergonomics, design, commodity, consumption, history