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Attraction Considerations

K.H. Hilton

Desires, preferences and the potential for fixations are key influences upon the effectiveness of personal perceptions in the processing of information, which may affect the quality of our decisions and interactions. This paper employs the analogy of sexual attraction as a vehicle to understanding attraction towards concepts. This approach provides the opportunity to consider what are for some, taboo issues within the creative processes. Underpinning this approach is the need to recognise individuality of constructs and categorisations of subjects, objects and events, applied to the development or change of meaning and belief.

‘Desire’ is defined in this paper as the intent to resolve or acquire an objective, which has some pleasurable reward associated with it. In addition, a ‘concept’ is defined as the more tangible development of a seed idea, where perceptions and judgements lead to either physical commitment, or to abandonment. The aim of this paper is to engage its audience in a number of Attraction Considerations (AC’s) relating to desirability, in the context of the judgement of concept attractiveness. It is intended that this analogical approach should encourage examination of the ‘black art’ perception of the creative process. It is proposed that experience of a common wish to suppress externalisation of implicit creative processes, may be the result of an often unvoiced, personal taboo. However, it is further proposed that the value of such considerations would be manifest in the development of personal awareness, thinking skills, and more effective and responsible decision-making.

Attraction Considerations, Creative Process, Desire, Concept, Analogy, Taboo, Responsible Decision-Making