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'Reincarnation' as Design Experience for the Sake of Product's Emotions

Sölen Kipöz , Erdem Akan

The life of products and the life of human beings are related to each other at a deeper level than it's assumed in general. Products, that make us happy, let us (re)think and ease our daily-life, actually have their own life. During the stages of design to production, usage to recycle, all their collected experiences re-shape them. In addition to sustainable sensitivity to keep products and their components in circulation, the product?s emotional life could also be extended by giving it a chance of rebirth for the spiritual continuation.

This paper argues the possible ways of extending emotional life of products non-used during after- use for reuse. Rather than applying the re-use practices like recycle , vintage ,retro , second-hand , the reincarnation of the product’s soul in another body of design is proposed for new emotional experiences. The project based research has been conducted in Department of Fashion Design in Izmir University of Economics in 2003 based on a project titled as ‘ reincarnation’ designed and produced by one of the authors of this paper.

Reincarnation, re-use, anti-fashion, emotional lifecyle