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Manuals for the Sustainable Experience: How to keep Homo Ludens on the move

Patrick Kruithof

Homo Ludens is in danger. Modern Western society with its ready made notion of consumption makes it difficult for human beings to discover new worlds by themselves.

To keep playful man on the move, I am developing manuals for the sustainable experience. Behind this communication tool stands a line of products that are either produced by my company or by consumers. Their stories and experiences are collected as part of the project.

1- The travel experience
Typical is a collection of pictures showing culture by detail. Each cultural theme is presented by a collage. Tourists use Typical to communicate with local people. With the images they can speak about the culture they visit and about their own culture. This tool creates an atmosphere of give and take.

2- The erotic experience
The Erotic Story Box is a wooden container in which consumers can keep a collection of erotic images. When purchased the box is empty. With a transparent plastic template consumers can cut out images from books and magazines. Finally they can make their own erotic story line using a combination of exciting images.

3- The joyful experience
The washing machine drum is the basic ingredient for a cooking device. The drum can be connected to a tree with cables or put on a base of an old stool. The fire is fueled with wood refuse. Reuse of old products and burning of refuse guarantee a sustainable experience.