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Visualizing Senses, Labeling Containers

Gökhan Mura

This paper aims to present the design rationale of a work in progress, the design of a set of spice containers. It will focus on to define and clarify the initial idea behind the design.

In a world of mass produced identical objects, customized products which reflect the choices of their users allow a better emotional dialogue. User customization helps to explore the experience the direct relation of emotions and their tangible reflections on a product.

In this study on the design of a set of spice containers, the very basic idea is to convert the senses into visual data and let the users to determine the final appearance of a product according to senses and emotional wishes.

The set is designed to be consist of opaque containers which are identical in shape and having no typography on them. The user is expected to add a portraiture photo shot in the moment of tasting the particular spice, used as a label or to choose a stock photograph from the web site of the project allowing the user to visualize the taste of spice with all his/her social emotional experiences. Every spice evoke different senses and resemble different emotions, so each user will have his/her own label on containers driven by its sense and emotions to indicate what the container contains.

Facial expression, face as an interface, user-defined products, representation of emotion