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Does the Exploratorium Evoke Emotion?

Sandra Olsson , Eva Waterworth

In this paper we describe a virtual reality (VR) environment, the Exploratorium, which was developed within the EU funded project EMMA (, and was designed to encourage self-directed exploration of emotions in learning how to handle different moods. It consists of three levels, each designed to generate a different mood. One main idea behind the Exploratorium is to evoke different kinds of emotions in different areas, and when the user explores and experiences these areas she recognizes, becomes aware of and gets in touch with her own feelings and emotions. The article starts by describing the theoretical background behind the environment, followed by a description of the environment (The Exploratorium) and the interaction device (The Body Joystick). We also report a first pilot study of the emotional aspects of the environment and the interaction device. The article ends with conclusions from the pilot study and a discussion about future work with the Exploratorium.

emotion, mood, Feeling, Mood device