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Emotion and Design in Theatrical Performances

Margaret C. Perivoliotis

The paper presents a case study - part of the design research dialogues between the Interior Design Department of the Technological Educational Institution of Athens and the Budapest University of Craft and Design. It investigates the possibility of incorporating the powers of design driven emotions in theatrical performances - a special and specific field that emotions play a catalytic role. It is also an exchange of ideas and information on emotion influenced design and an alternative experience and approach to Hellenic theatrical performances through design education. The research team faced this new challenge in the applied research direction, by exploring connections within the areas of design, emotion, theater and modern technology. The use of modern technology played a vital and no-replaceable role. The participating students presented a silent Archaic drama, were design and emotion substitute the words, embodying actors and scenery, creating a magical and altogether mythical atmosphere, so that the eyes become gates for feelings and emotions.

Theatrical Design – Emotion - Design Practice