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Influence of Aesthetic Properties on Stimulating Emotional Responses

Zeynep Sevener , Mehmet Asatekin

The purpose of this paper is to provide a framework that demonstrates the role of aesthetic properties in stimulating emotional experiences. The framework is constructed as the answer to the question: "What are the consequences of the stimulus of aesthetic properties on product related emotions and experiences?". The focus of the study is in investigating the links between the visual qualities of the products and the emotional experiences. The immediate sensorial experiences transpire during the initial steps of the relationship between human and the product. These experiences are the results of the interaction between the visual qualities and the sense of sight, inevitably influencing the emotional evaluation process of the interaction. This initial interaction stimulates long-lasting emotions and perceptions related to the product that provide inferences on prospective experiences, the quality of the continuing interaction, and induced feelings. The perception about the product is the key path leading to creating emotional experiences since different perceptions stimulate different emotions filtered through different experiences about the same product. Thus, it becomes essential to disclose the nature of the connections between the two parts of the initial interaction; human and aesthetic properties of the product. An empirical study is performed to present emotional evaluations of the subjects when they are exposed to a product for the first time.

design, Aesthetic Properties, Emotions, emotional responses, Experiences