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ctrl alt delete - Memory And Experience in The Design Process

'ctrl alt delete' addresses the design process and presents a new approach to qualitative research methodologies which incorporates memory. It suggests a shutting down of computer systems 'not responding' during the design process and a movement towards human interaction, connection and empathy. It aims to enable designers to become more personally and emotionally informed in subjects out of their personal experience.

Through research and experiment the benefits of utilising memory in qualitative research methodologies such as questionnaires, interviews and focus groups are evident. Subsequently I have created a model for the design process which specifically aims to connect the designer and participant through memory and experience, uniting the designer's creative ability with the participant's passion for the subject.

The model is applied to an 11 step iterative process and tested using four separate design briefs. The first brief is used to test the validity of the model, each step being completed and carefully considered over a period of two months. Three live briefs are then used to test the model under more realistic time frames (1-3 weeks).
Alterations are made to the model accommodating each separate brief showing its flexibility and ability to be implemented in the professional design industry.