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Differentiation in Design

Ceyda Vatan , Cem Alppay

It can be observed in industrial design practice that products are mostly designed according to practical benefits. In this process, concepts upon which design is based are held mostly in terms of practical benefit, in parallel with positivism that leads industrial production philosophy.

Today, practical needs of man are satisfied to a great extent by advanced technology. Products designed in industrial practice satisfy physical needs, while emotional needs of users are considered only in terms of aesthetics, ignoring other dimensions of emotional experience.

In globalizing world, ‘product as a promise of experience’ constitute the concept of design, which is of increasing importance. While our daily lives are increasingly dominated by designed products, emotional experience also has a significant role in the differentiation of products.

In this study, industrial design will be examined with the dimension of emotional experience besides practical aspect. The subject will be exemplified with experiences of an education project. Experiences in ‘Proje Milano’, a project studio planned on the assumption that emphasis on emotional experiences in design process can pave the way for differentiation in design, will be dicussed. The role of cultural differences in creating difference and innovation in international platforms will be discussed and observations of encounters of emotional-experiencebased design with its own culture and with other cultures will be presented. This presentation will include the discussion on effects of cultural accumulation on design process.

emotional experience, culture, differentiation, design