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Play Aspect in Architectural Design Education

Ipek YĆ¼rekli

This paper focused on the character of architecture and its relationship with play in order to evaluate its utilization in architectural design studio. It is striking to see that both share certain characteristics: contradictions, ambiguity, open-ended nature, the coincidental, human relations, and flexibility. These abstract concepts that are integral parts of architecture but difficult to evaluate in education can be opened up to discussion and experiment by play approaches. Play belongs to education with the reality it generates with a system of rules; as well as with the playful attitude where flexibility, intuition and insight are important aspects. This approach can also be seen as a measure against the danger of objectifying education and leading it away from its nature. A well designed play that is prepared and applied carefully is a fine tool for the education of candidates of architecture who are trying to improve their qualities of developing strategies for a distant future in the changing environment of architecture.

architectural design, Education, play, alienation, the Ambiguous