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Captain Electric: Human Powered Electronic Garments

Joanna Berzowska , Marc Beaulieu , Gaia Orain , Anne-Marie Laflamme

?Captain Electric? consists of three electronic garments that both passively harness energy from the body and actively allow for power generation by the user. Referencing fashion?s historic relationship between discomfort and style, the garments require effort to produce varying amounts of energy to fuel themselves and actuate light and sound events on the body. The garments, called Itchy, Sticky, and Stiff, conceptually reference safety apparel and personal protection as well as our fears of natural disasters and other states of emergency. Instead of attempting to conceal the generators and their operation, we chose to overtly integrate them into the garment concept and design so as to expose the mechanics of anxiety and physical strain.

Electronic garments, Human-generated power, Wearable technology