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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and lust: a designer's look

Cassia Figueiredo , Clovis Bucich

It became a cliché to say that Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is “the greatest spectacle in the world”. Among several events that are held along three days – indeed, a longer period, for many city routines are affected, several days before – maybe the most known outside is the “Samba Schools Parade”. More than one hundred thousand people convene to enjoy samba, both to watch and to dance, and millions see by TV around the country and the world. This paper aims to analyze a curious dichotomy, perceived through a critical look at the messy, glossy, breathtaking show. In one hand, almost naked bodies are the target of lust from spectators. On the other hand, people heavily overdressed exert the desire of being who they are not. The “carnival designers” face these authentic needs, aligning desire and lust among the concepts they usually deal with, to satisfy both categories of customers.

Desire, lust, carnival