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Designing Pleasure; Designers' Needs

Shayal Chhibber , C. Samantha Porter , J. Mark Porter , Lynda Healey

A series of interviews with academic and practicing designers was carried out to inform the development of a 'pleasure resource' that designers can use to enable understanding of the emotional needs of specific markets, at an early stage of the design process. In order to produce such a resource, it was necessary to investigate the attitudes and needs of designers on the subject of ?pleasure? in design.

Findings show that designers are aware of the necessity to satisfy the emotional needs of the user, but there has to be a compromise with other factors e.g. production costs. Those interviewed tended to rely upon ‘quick and dirty’ research methods, with few aware of techniques and data that relate specifically to user pleasure. They expressed great interest in a ‘pleasure resource’ that gave them access to information about specific market groups’ emotional needs. Several designers suggested a greater focus on user ‘lifestyle’ information to promote empathy with users. The information collected has led to the development of several concept resources for detailed evaluation by designers.

designers, Pleasure