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A Poetic Cyber-Quest

Carole Collet

Throughout the 20th century, the relationship between textiles and architecture has often tilted back and forth. From celebrated rich and decorative cloth to purely functional fabrics, textiles in the home have been cherished as much as dismissed. The rapid emergence of intelligent textiles and ambient computing is once more challenging our use and perception of domestic textiles. As much as providing an open door to a brand new territory, these new technologies have often led to the development of high-tech and stereotypical 'future' aesthetics. The likes of Phillips and Orange Future Homes propose a technologically - led design approach which ignores the creative and emotional potential of textiles.

This presentation will propose a body of textile work, which explores a more poetic and narrative-driven use of smart technologies. The most recently exhibited work was developed for “Remote Home”, and was presented at the Science Museum, London as well as at e-culture fair in 2003.

Intelligent textiles, architecture, emotion, narrative, Poetics, Home