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The Synergistic Integration of Rational and Emotional Dynamics in Brand Design and Development

Jeff Daniels

Successful and enduring brands integrate a number of important core dynamics that reach far beyond the narrow confines of their functional utility. They are deeply rooted in human concerns, aspirations and emotions, and embody complex, densely packed sets of values and meanings. These values, or brand dynamics, are capable of evoking and conveying a wide range of facts and motivations, and contain rational and non-rational components that engender favourable emotional responses, or brand images, in customers? minds. Creating this 'emotional response' is what real brand design is all about. It is about designing and developing brands in a collaborative, synergistic manner so that their integrated whole becomes greater than the sum of their parts.

The aim of any successful brand development programme should be, therefore, to eliminate risk and optimally design and position brands so that they make their widest, most powerful emotional appeal to their respective customer group(s) from the outset.

This text explores these issues and describes a cross-disciplinary collaborative approach developed over time to help encourage corporations to design and market new brands in a manner that captures everything those brands are capable of standing for and meaning. By methodically auditing and evaluating the many rational and emotional dynamics that are capable of influencing consumer brand preference, and then configuring these dynamics in a synergistic manner so as to create unique, desirable and enduring brand images in customers’ minds, the risk of commercial failure can be reduced.

Brand, design, emotion, function, Synergy