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GWD Developmental Designs: Life, Design and Infants are like Jazz

Victor Frostig , Roni Golos , Zafrira Weisman

Existence is structured as reflexive, dynamic non-linear activity. Development is henceforth not a result of structure, but a life of reciprocal actions that are ceaselessly changed and cause change. Every living creature lives within a continuous stream, always being and becoming simultaneously. This is the basis for the conception of design as expressed by the GWD Studio, which specializes in design for infants and toddlers.

Design fusion - a fusion of meanings, experiences, processes of life
Product - A heterogeneous, dynamic system.

The infant is not categorized as a defined entity, separate from its environment, but rather as an organism in a process of organization that lasts all its life. Its experimentation is simultaneously physical and mental, which can be distinguished but not separated. The experiments, and as a result the skills are the unique developmental process of every infant – like jazz, like life – without a conductor open to improvisations.

Three GWD designs are presented as illustrations of the perception of the world, design and the infant, and its formation into developmental products.