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Sensational to Sensual

K. Munshi

Fortunately or unfortunately, design can never leave anything alone, even if it is good enough. Design intervention is called for to effect change. Many a designer face this dilemma when confronted with good, judicious products which they would have liked to leave alone, but cannot, because design must be carried on. Incidentally, the above mentioned qualities are meanings of the word - 'sensible'. Design intervention can lead to the addition of sensational qualities, which can make it say loudly that 'it has been designed'. In this case the designers have to ensure that the design intervention is visible to the clients. The approach if taken to the extreme may lead to senseless or stupid products. On the other hand one may try to keep the sense in tact and yet go beyond it to achieve a quality of subtle awareness in the product, which harmonizes well with the environment and also makes an individual statement and create an aura of curiosity & mystery. One word that comes nearest to these qualities is 'sensual', which according to dictionary meaning is gratifying to the senses. And why shouldn't a product be like that.

In this paper the aspects of sensible, sensational and sensual attributes of products will be discussed and investigate what ‘sensual’ means and if it appeals to emotion universally. And if so, what methodologies can be adopted to create sensual products.